“Council workers have stepped up to the challenge”

Richard Brace

Richard, tell us about your job during the pandemic

I’m a refuse worker. I drive the lorry and help out loading the bins or recycling into the lorry.

What’s your view of how public service workers have responded to the crisis?

Council workers have been brilliant! In the main, we’ve taken it in our stride. You might have expected a lot to panic but everyone has been working through.

What’s your message to the government?

Council workers must be recognised as key workers as well. NHS staff and care workers are doing a fantastic job! In my opinion, we are unsung key workers. If it wasn’t for us there would be another health crisis with waste left on streets. I would say to government, make the Covid-19 testing available for all key workers all across the UK.

How are you going to celebrate the end of the lockdown?

I’m going to get a real haircut.



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