Got your ticket for Wales’ best summer festival?

5 minutes with UNISON’s Mike Crimmings, Merthyr Rising organising committee

Mike Crimmings keeps the flag flying outside the red house, Merthyr Tydfil

There’s a real buzz about Merthyr Rising this year. What can people expect from the festival?

Live music from upcoming bands

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell will be speaking at Merthyr Rising

With just a couple of weeks to go now, what’s still to organise?

What’s the history of Merthyr Rising?

Plaque in tribute to martyr Dic Penderyn
Founder of the Labour Party Keir Hardie was also the local MP

Why has UNISON decided to be the main sponsor?

It sounds like a great event. How do I get hold of a ticket?




UNISON Cymru Wales press and comms officer

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Alastair Gittins

Alastair Gittins

UNISON Cymru Wales press and comms officer

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