“I would say to Welsh government, if you value your Careers Wales service, please fund us properly”

Neil Parry

Tell us about your job during the pandemic

Careers Wales staff have worked through the lockdown, working from home to support people; young school leavers into education and training; unemployed people, people furloughed and those made redundant.

Neil at the Senedd for the official signing of UNISON’s #RespectYourYouth charter for young workers by Careers Wales, June 2019. Photo credit: Natasha Hirst

What do you think the outlook is like for young people?

Unfortunately, I think widespread unemployment is likely and that will mean fewer opportunities for young people in particular.

How do you work at Careers Wales?

Looking for work can be worrying, particularly if you have to provide for your family. We can offer reassurance and explain the options open to the client.

Neil and Careers Wales colleagues organised a collection for a food bank in Aberdare, Christmas 2019

What’s your view of how Careers Wales workers have responded to the crisis?

Absolutely brilliantly! The IT department equipped us for the move from the office into homes and managed it really well. Health and safety colleagues organised good adaptations at home and specialist equipment. Careers advisors have continued to offer the public a good service despite a new way of working.

What’s your message to the government?

To Welsh government, I would say, thank you for the way you’ve handled the Covid-19 crisis putting people before profit. They have been steadier and safer in opening up the Welsh economy rather than the haste with which the UK government has moved. Welsh government has done a better job.

Photo credit: Natasha Hirst

How are you going to celebrate the end of the lockdown?

Last week, my wife and I spent three days in a hot tub in Narberth! It was very nice. We walked on Amroth beach and got to paddle in the sea. That was our celebration of the end of total lockdown.



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