UNISON Cymru Wales commended, Equalities Award: Jane Gebbie, Neath Port Talbot County

Alastair Gittins
2 min readOct 31, 2019

Meet the people recognised at UNISON’s recent Cymru Wales Awards 2019 night

Jane Gebbie, commended Equalities Award

Jane is full of energy and campaigning zeal; a dynamic presence, absolutely dedicated to taking UNISON’s message forward and the cause of equal rights for all.

Her chairwomanship has invigorated the Cymru Wales Women’s Committee running campaigns empowering women.

No matter how difficult or unfashionable a cause might seem, Jane throws herself into supporting it and it’s a measure of her effectiveness that unfashionable causes don’t seem so unwinnable once she has got behind them. Jane was there first, driving the Women’s Committee on.

Jane’s passionate about improving the visibility of women in public life like 50:50 Parliament/#AskHerToStand. Take the bullying of women online, the Women’s Committee organised the first ever event of its kind in Wales, with a training course ‘Combating Cyber Violence against Women and Girls’ to raise awareness.

She’s advanced menopause awareness and helped give a voice to vulnerable women, campaigning against domestic violence; elder abuse; human trafficking and on mental health.

She campaigns for the marginalised, to ensure the safety of female refugees and she is an advocate of the Smalls 4 All charity.

Photo credit: Natasha Hirst