UNISON Cymru Wales Commended, Linda David Communications Award: Stephen Gardiner, Caerphilly County

Alastair Gittins
2 min readNov 12, 2019

Meet the people recognised at UNISON’s recent Cymru Wales Awards 2019 night

Commended, Linda David Communications Award: Stephen Gardiner, Caerphilly County

Stephen Gardiner

Stephen is bubbling with ideas and a sense of fun and he’s transformed the way Caerphilly branch communicates. He’s been commended for his enthusiasm and hard work.

He’s brought in a raft of new communication techniques. The branch website was overhauled and the branch’s presence on social media has gone from nothing to 1,000 active followers. Members are kept informed and engaged in the work of the branch.

He’s raise the profile of the branch nationally too, winning UNISON UK ‘Tweet of the week’.

Steve’s instrumental in delivering Caerphilly’s ‘campaign and recruitment activity’ calendar. Without his involvement, many activities and social events, either wouldn’t take place or achieve the participation levels currently enjoyed.

Stephen pictured with fellow Caerphilly County branch officers Juan-Antonio Garcia and Lianne Dallimore

In December 2018 Caerphilly launched a new campaign with billboard advertising; the first time it had been used by a branch in Wales. Seeing ‘Caerphilly UNISON’ on a billboard on the way into work gave members a boost and the branch recorded some of the highest levels of new joiners immediately off the back of the publicity.

In the words of his branch secretary: “Steve is everything a branch could wish for in a comms officer.”

Photo credit: Natasha Hirst