“We’re delivering 4,000 packed lunches to children every day”

Jen Griffiths, Benefits manager

Jen, tell us about your job during the pandemic

My job has changed significantly because of coronavirus. What was a busy job anyway managing Flintshire’s benefits service is now extremely busy.

What’s your view of how public service workers have responded to the crisis?

People are public service workers for a reason — they want to serve the community and they have responded in the way you would expect.

What’s your message to the government?

I would like the government to acknowledge how important local government is to society. Services don’t run on their own; councils play a vital role and key services are delivered by many people working very hard sometimes behind the scenes and out of the public eye.

How are you going to celebrate the end of the lockdown?

The lockdown has split us up as a family. My eldest daughter is self-isolating with her boyfriend and we miss her terribly and I want to give her a big hug. My parents are in the Wirral and I want to embrace them and I want to see my husband’s family too. As a hugger, I have found the lockdown difficult and virtual hugs just don’t cut it!



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